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Saint Laurent sur Sèvre is called the “Holy City of Vendée” because of Louis Grignion de Montfort. Every year, around 25,000 visitors, among which Pope John Paul II in 1996, come to pray and meditate on his grave in the basilica. Saint Laurent can also rely on 1,820 students: 850 of them in the boarding school, in Saint Gabriel and Saint Michel (school) institutions. Moreover, Saint Laurent offers a good life both to the inhabitants and the visitors who are delighted to stroll, whatever the season is, on a lot of hiking trails and green tracks bordering the Sèvre Nantaise river.

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In St Laurent sur Sèvre, a town of 3,411 inhabitants, we may find the mother houses of three religious congregations : the Daughters of Wisdom, the Montfortian missionaries and the Brothers of St Gabriel. These congregations were founded by Father Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort who died in this city in 1716. The religious aspect of the town still prevails with its 20,000 visitors a year, among whom Pope John Paul II in 1996.
Another characteristic of the town is the importance of its schools: 1,820 students attend StGabriel/St Michel school – 850 of them are boarders.
Although the town area is rather small (1579 hectares), 2,000 jobs exist in the town which also counts about fifty craftsmen and shopkeepers.
St Laurent also numbers forty varied associations managed by a lot of volunteers.
Finally , St Laurent is a place where it is pleasant to live and stroll, whatever the season, owing to its 40kms of walking paths and hiking trails bordering the river Sèvre, through the Parc de la Barbinière, and on the hills of the Sèvre Nantaise valley.




  • Situation

    Saint-Laurent sur Sèvre

    Population : 3 573 habitants


    - à 70 km de Nantes

    - à 80 km d'Angers

    - à 60 km de La Roche-sur-Yon
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